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#7 Andrew “Authentic Traveling”

Andrew Authentic Traveling Beach Cuba A

#7 Andrew “Authentic Traveling” 18 minute read   I’ve been excited to bring you this latest ‘people’ feature for some time now. I first got to know Andrew via a Twitter conversation, and after checking out his website, Authentic Traveling, I just knew that I had to get him here on There was just…

#6 Alyana “Love Paper Pen”


#6 Alyana “Love Paper Pen” 18 minute read   Perhaps the most rewarding part of running is the amount of inspirational people that I continually get exposed to. This is true for every section of the site, but there is no doubt that these ‘people’ features have been the greatest resource, introducing me to an abundance…

#5 Tia “Tia Tuo”


#5 Tia “Tia Tuo” 15 minute read   One of the key topics that I often write about is the one of freedom. It’s something that can take many forms and can take on all kinds of different meanings depending upon where you are in the world and the circumstances under which you’re living. What… on Love Paper Pen

Lossul 3 on Love Paper Pen “Is your relationship empowering or restraining you?”   Have you ever found yourself in a relationship where at some point in time you ended up looking back, reflecting, and asking yourself… How the hell did I get here? At one time you felt you were on your path, but then…

#4 Yves and Cagla “Short Visitors”

IMG_6646 feature

#4 Yves and Cagla “Short Visitors” 14 minute read   In this latest ‘people’ feature I’m taking it full circle and returning to the theme of travel. And speaking of themes, the two people that I’m about to introduce you to are very much following a theme of their own. Meet Yves and Cagla, a Dutch-Turkish…