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#10 Jonathan “Orkney to Bournemouth”

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#10 Jonathan “Orkney to Bournemouth” 23 minute read   Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to a pretty awesome individual. Because not only does this man have a seriously epic beard, but he is also about to embark upon a seriously epic challenge. Meet Jonathan; a man who doesn’t do things by halves,…

Free Prize Draw – Win a signed copy of “A Widow’s Awakening” by Maryanne Pope

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Free Prize Draw – Win a signed copy of “A Widow’s Awakening” by Maryanne Pope   This prize draw is open until Saturday 28th April 2018 Hey everybody, thank you for visiting this prize draw page and I’m really proud to be able to offer you a signed copy of Maryanne Pope’s A Widow’s Awakening.  If…

#9 Maryanne Pope “A Widow’s Awakening”

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#9 Maryanne Pope “A Widow’s Awakening” 28 minute read   Every once in a while, something, or somebody, comes along and reminds you of exactly why you do what you do. Maryanne Pope, is that somebody. Maryanne’s story, is that something. When I first discovered Maryanne’s book, A Widow’s Awakening, I became immersed straight away….

Working with – Testimonials


For anybody that is considering working with   Hi, this is Elliot, and thank you for visiting this page. If you’re reading this then the chances are that you’ve either been approached directly by myself, or you’ve seen one of my comments on the site or on social media about collaborative work. I am…

#8 Emily “Luxury Backpack”


#8 Emily “Luxury Backpack” 13 minute read   What image comes to mind if I were to mention the word backpacking? Is it an image of walking exhaustedly through bustling crowds with a heavy backpacking pulling you down while you search desperately for cheap accommodation? Maybe it’s an image of staying in dirty hostels with…