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Hey everyone and thank you for coming this far. I guess the home page intrigued you enough to venture a little further huh? I appreciate it.

This mini article has been written as a way of delving into my own story a little further, explaining how and why began, uncovering a few of its central themes, and also as a way of pointing you in the direction of some recommended articles and features.

Are you ready?


My own journey began here…

Throughout my mid to late twenties I took three incredible solo back-packing trips throughout South-East Asia which significantly changed the way I thought about life and the way I viewed the world.

Each trip drew a number of extreme highs and lows; there was adventure and danger, illness and injury, there was chaos and freedom, solitude and companionship, and I encountered both the ugliness and beauty of life.

I visited some wonderful places and saw sights I’d only ever been able to dream of. But despite all the adventures that were found and the magical moments that were experienced, what I remember most is the people that I met and the times that we shared; the human connections.

I learned to enjoy solitude and to thrive in my own company, but I also began to truly appreciate the people that we share our world with and the impact that a single person can have upon our lives.

My mind was blown wide open, I discovered what it meant to be truly free, and the travel bug had bitten. It had bitten hard.

In the decade that followed I then focussed on my career and further education and a number of other areas of life. I worked incredibly hard to achieve my goals, and to continue to grow, to learn, and to establish myself.

But it wasn’t enough. And it still isn’t enough. I often find myself staring out into space and wondering what else is waiting for me out there.

I think most of us can relate to that.


…and it’s a journey that never ends focuses on the adventurous nature that resides in all of us, and at the part of us that yearns to be more than we already are. We all have it. It’s the inner calling that wants to break out from routine, to travel to new places, find new interests, meet new people, to step out into the unknown, to become the very best versions of ourselves, and to make the most of every moment that we have in this life.

To some people these inner desires can be quite easily ignored, but to people like you and I, it continuously burns away inside and never leaves us.

And then I found a way to channel those desires…



The focus that followed…

The question that I’ve asked myself time and time again is how do we continue with the adventure, and how do we capture that sense of freedom when the realities of everyday life mean that we cannot get up and leave the country every five minutes. For me, the answers all centre around two things; writing and photography.

Right from an early age I always had a pen in my hand and was writing stories about anything and everything. And then at around eight years of age I got my first camera and was forever snapping away.

Over the years I allowed those interests to give way to other areas of my life, but years later I found myself going full circle and returning to where it all began.

But now those interests have a purpose; to capture travel, life, and experience.

So, I had the desire, and then I found a way to channel it; now all I needed was to adopt the right mindset…

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The importance of having the right mindset…

I like routine. I think routine is productive. But without the right balance it can often become counter-productive and then life becomes a little too predictable. It needs to be shaken up, and with a simple shift in mindset, routine can become new and exciting.

Adopting the right mindset is a central theme here on, and so I think it’s worth demonstrating a simple working example of this.

The next time you’re driving that same stretch of road to work, distracted by thoughts of what you need to do that day and how monotonous that same old drive is; stop yourself. Then as an experiment, pretend for a moment that you’re in a foreign country, pretend you’ve never driven this stretch of road before, and pretend you’re on an adventure.

Be completely in the moment.

Notice your surroundings, feel the weather, hear the music on the radio, and notice the people in the cars around you and be curious as to who they are, where they’re going, and what their stories are.

Open yourself up to the possibility that the people that you have seen but have not yet spoken to are potential friends, that they have stories to share with you, and that there are things you could learn from them.

If you do this for just one day then I guarantee you that everything will appear different and that adventures are ready and waiting.

Mindset is everything.

Mindset will determine the way in which your life moves. Mindset will determine the destination at which you arrive. And your mindset is something that you can be in complete control of.


Why began…

It is my belief that many of our adventurous desires can be fulfilled right on our doorsteps and while still working a ‘9-to-5’ and having limited opportunities for holidays each year. Whether it be evenings, weekends, or extended breaks; it can be achieved. I think that all it really takes is that shift in mindset.

And this is how first began.

Primarily this is a travel blog and a life blog, and it’s been created to allow me to write about these subjects, both in the UK and further afield. But I also have an incredible passion for personal development; it’s a path that lasts an entire lifetime and is a never-ending journey, but its rewards are plentiful, and it’s a journey worth taking.

I know what it’s like to feel as though you’re destined for more but to not take action. I know what it’s like to let fear hold you back from doing the things you really want to do. And I know what it’s like to procrastinate and to let time pass by without anything ever changing. That was until I reached my own ‘enough is enough’ moment, and my life was never the same again. Does this sound familiar? Then this website is for you.

Or maybe you’ve already reached that place in life where you’ve already achieved what you set out to achieve. If that’s the case then this place is for you too. This website is not just about me, it’s about everybody; please feel free to share your wisdom with myself and my readers by commenting on the articles/features and by contacting me directly.

And I think we all like to read a good story, so no matter what stage you’re at in life there will always be new tales of travel, stories about fun adventures, and features with inspirational people too. has something for everybody.



I am in this with you… is not simply a travel blog which recommends places to travel to, and nor is it a personal development blog that reels off a generic list of things to do to help you improve. is more than this.

It is a website in which I share my very own journey with you through my own thoughts and actions; I am not simply replicating things that I’ve read in a book. My goal is to inspire, to have fun along the way, and to say hey, I am just like you and I am on a journey of my own. I live and breathe the words that I write, and the thoughts that I share with you have come from my own experiences.

My mission is to make this website a community, because what makes any community work is positive involvement from all of those that are in it. I am here to engage with you, and I want to get you involved and learn from you too.


Where to start…

For the first time visitor, here are a few recommended articles and features from each of the five sections that will give you a flavour of what is all about.

For the Life and Personal Development section I can highly recommend clicking here to read a post that is all about ending procrastination and getting started on the path you wish to travel. If you ever let the fear of failure hold you back from doing the things you really want to do then click here. And if you’ve ever faced tough times in life, which I know we all have, then click here for assurance that you are not alone.

In The Man Cave you can find a feature that will summarise the five characteristics every man should have by clicking here.

Why not click here to read about an adventure that I had very close to home in the Travel and Places section. Or you could even read an epic feature length travel diary from the other side of the world by clicking here.

In the Concept Adventures section things start to become a whole lot of fun, and you could start by clicking here and reading about a very random adventure that I had with a complete stranger.

And finally in the People section, there are inspirational interviews with a first time novelist which you can read by clicking here, with a London busker who spreads joy through her music by clicking here, and with a traveller who promotes health, fitness and well-being which you can read by clicking here.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and I do hope that you enjoy what you find on the site. If you do then please click on the following image to find out more about how you can join the community.

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