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You Are Not Alone

Friends Playing on the Beach Trinidad and Tobago

“You Are Not Alone” 5 minute read   There is absolutely no hiding from life. We can try. We can hope. But no matter what we do, life is life and it will deliver us some crushing blows. It can be so easy to believe that if we follow the safe path and if we… on Love Paper Pen

Lossul 3 on Love Paper Pen “Is your relationship empowering or restraining you?”   Have you ever found yourself in a relationship where at some point in time you ended up looking back, reflecting, and asking yourself… How the hell did I get here? At one time you felt you were on your path, but then…

#4 Yves and Cagla “Short Visitors”

IMG_6646 feature

#4 Yves and Cagla “Short Visitors” 14 minute read   In this latest ‘people’ feature I’m taking it full circle and returning to the theme of travel. And speaking of themes, the two people that I’m about to introduce you to are very much following a theme of their own. Meet Yves and Cagla, a¬†Dutch-Turkish…