Monthly archives: July, 2016

Croyde Bay, North Devon, England


Croyde Bay, North Devon, England 5 minute read   Amusement arcades and slot machines, kiss-me-quick hats and donkey rides, sticks of rock and candy floss. These are the immediate images that come to mind whenever I think of a typical English seaside town, and as a result, I really despise typical English seaside towns. There’s…

Castleton and Mam Tor, Peak District, England

Mam Tor - The Mother Hill

“Castleton and Mam Tor, Peak District, England” 10 minute read   One Sunday morning, just a couple of weeks ago, I woke up with the overwhelming desire to climb up a big hill. And so that’s exactly what I did. I’m still not quite sure where that sudden need came from; maybe it was a…

The Fear of Failure


“The Fear of Failure” 11 minute read   I’d like you to conjure up this vision in your mind. You’re stood on the edge of a huge cliff face and as you look ahead all you can see is an endless grey sea. Dark grey and black clouds gather overhead, and as you look down…