Monthly archives: November, 2015

23 valuable life lessons


“23 Valuable Life Lessons” 5 minute read   We’ve all lived our lives and learned a myriad of lessons; some of which we live by, and some of which we choose to completely ignore and then inevitably find ourselves re-learning further down the line, only to ask ourselves why we didn’t take notice the first…

The Mission: A Friend in Scotland

Paul, Matt, myself, Mark, and Marcin at the summit

The Mission: A Friend in Scotland – Glasgow, Fort William, and Ben Nevis – July 2015 (and 2014) 25 minute read July 2015 It was bumper to bumper on the M6 north-bound and I was only three hours into my trip towards Scotland. The sky was clear, the sun was beaming, and my windows were…

“Lossul Begins” – Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay


“Lossul Begins” – Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay, England – June 2015 20 minute read   I didn’t know if I could make it. My knees were in agony, and as my body lay slumped against the cold hard steps of the guesthouse, just a few feet away from the front door, it may as…