Welcome to Lossul.com! It’s great to have you here.

Hi, my name is Elliot, and I’m going to make you a promise. I’m making a promise to you right now that everything you ever see and read on this website will come from the heart. And that’s because the very foundation of this website comes from passion; for life, and desire; to live it.



Let me ask you a few questions…

Do you long for a feeling of adventure in your life? Do you dream of being more than you already are? Do you wish that you could start living the life that you feel you were meant to live? But do you feel like the constraints of everyday life are holding you back from achieving this?

Do you ever come home from work and feel like you’re too tired to do anything? Do you get to the weekend and feel as though all you’re ever doing is the same old things? And do you ever look back and wonder where the time went and why you never did the things you always wanted to do?

Do you ever find yourself saying that there has got to be more to life than this?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, then you are not alone.



…we are in this together

This website is about travelling, both near and far, and learning how to appreciate all of the places that are waiting for you right there on your own doorstep. It’s about creating adventure out of nothing, about discovering excitement in the mundane, and about finding meaning in everything.

It’s about developing into your best self, about replacing excuses with action, it’s about looking in the mirror and holding yourself accountable, and it’s about using that accountability as a way to propel you forwards in life.

For the men, this website is about recognising that we should all live by a code and that we have a duty to fulfil within our families, our friendships, and in our societies. It is about adopting the warrior spirit and avoiding the path of ease, and it is about understanding that we must be strong when we stand alone, but that we can be stronger still when we pull together as brothers.

For all of us, it is about accepting that we do not have all the answers, that the world is bigger than we are, and that there are people all around us that are there to help, to inspire, and to educate. We can all bring something to the table. We are all in this together.

You can be all that you want to be and do all that you want to do. It’s about determination. It’s about preparation. And it’s about sacrifice and brutal honesty as you ask yourself how much you want the things that you say you want.

No matter how limited your time, your money, or your resources may be; you can create any path that you choose for yourself.

It’s all about mindset.

Welcome to Lossul.com.


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February 2018


All the articles and features here on Lossul.com are captured within five distinct sections; the details of which are included below. Please click on the images or use the drop down menu box above to access each section.


HOME PAGE Life and personal development

Life and Personal Development – The downside of many personal development resources is that they can often focus upon our shortcomings and highlight our imperfections as something negative, all the while making us feel like we’re not enough. This is counter-productive. My aim here is to celebrate who we are right now while striving to become an even better version of ourselves.


HOME PAGE The Man Cave

The Man Cave – As I’ve gotten more deeply involved in personal development it has become apparent that there has been a growing need for men’s resources. There are some great guys out there who are doing some wonderful work with this already, and my aim is to contribute to this growing community by drawing upon my own life experiences. Men need other men in their lives.

Although the content of this section is aimed primarily at men, it is by no means exclusive to the male readers of the site.


HOME PAGE Travel and places

Travel and Places – This was the very first section of the site to be established and it is still the one that’s closest to my heart. Yet travelling isn’t just about exploring unknown lands on the far side of the planet, because it is also about uncovering the hidden gems that are right on your doorstep. Lossul.com is about embracing our world at every turn, regardless of how limited our time or money may be.


HOME PAGE Concept Adventures

Concept Adventures – Are you ready for some fun? This is where I take the idea of travel, combine it with a conceptual approach, and then push myself outside of my comfort zone. So far it has taken me to unexpected places, has introduced me to complete strangers, and it’s seen me doing things I’d never normally have done.


HOME PAGE People 3

People – People are amazing. And it is people that will determine the direction in which this planet goes. I am not blinkered to the evils that exist in this world, but it is my choice to focus upon the good that is all around us. This section is about celebrating those people, it is about sharing their stories, and it is about working together to make this world a better place.


Community 01



I am now commencing with a number of collaborations for the ‘people’ section of this site. Please check out these testimonials from previous collaborators. If you have a website, business, or are involved in any kind of activity that is in line with what Lossul.com is all about, then please contact me as I’d love to hear from you.

Between us we just might be able to come up with something special that benefits your audience as well as my own.


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